Welcome to the Sherborne Summer Drum Sample Music School

Director of Music’s Welcome

Welcome to our 2013 Summer School of Music. You’ll find it packed with a huge variety of music making opportunities and I’m sure you will find something just for you.


Sherborne Summer School of Music never stands still. The 2013 school will present an exciting new format, we are moving to two weeks! 2012 saw the completion of several refurbishment projects within Sherborne School allowing us to accommodate more students in each week. This gives us the opportunity to fine tune and expand our courses allowing greater flexibility, greater co-operation between courses, and to establish new courses.  Some of our innovations include a Painting and Drawingcourse with the distinguished artist Jeremy Yates and his assistant Pam Green, an expanded Choral Masterpieces course which will include larger-scale repertoire, and a new Mixed Chamber Music course with the celebrated Delme String Quartet, Sarah Francis and Wendy Phillips. We also give a big welcome to Fran Bolton who takes over the Voices in Harmony choir and we have the extra pleasure of welcoming back John Georgiadis to direct the Chamber Orchestra after his stunning success with the String Orchestra last year.


Its not all change though – Sherborne is still the place that offers maximum enjoyment for committed music makers of all abilities. All in all, we are in for a very special treat and a Sherborne not to be missed, we look forward very much to welcoming you. If you want to contact us click here!

Our New Drums and Drum Sample Producing Course.

In the past we have had many drum courses. Some great jazz, rock and blues drummers have been taught at our school. Yet as a school we also want to evolve. These days many musicians also produce their own music. It is very easy to get the needed software for composing, mixing and producing these days. We at our music school think it is important to keep our courses up to date. That is why this year we have introduced a new course that combines drumming with mixing and working with drum samples on your laptop. In the future we want to include this course to apply to more instruments we teach at our school. This way we can educate people on everything, from various instruments to mixing and producing. We often see bands formed at our school. Now these bands can also mix their own music.

It is important to record the music in an acoustic room. Working this way will instantly add a dramatic improvement to you recording which then will add a dramatic improvement to your drum samples and mixes.


A good mixer is also aware of the emotion of a song. We teach drummers to be the best technical drummers they can be. Yet music is about creating emotion and something artful. We want to teach our students to mix and drum sample their recordings in a way that doesn’t lose the ‘soul’ that they themselves have created in the music. Just with the music itself it can be tempting to try and create a sonic masterpiece by mastering all the different techniques for mixing and sampling. However a good engineer doesn’t destroy the vibe that was created when recording the song. This sounds logical and easy but is actually rather difficult. This ability will come with practice which our course will provide of course. The mixing process should already start when you are still recording your drum samples, like our partner RDS.



When mixing different instruments. The drums are usually the first to be mixed. They can be seen as the base of operations. That’s why we think it is so important to focus our first course on drums. It is often interesting to put your drums on different outputs.

When mixing other instruments into the mix you can put your bass guitar at the center. Bass guitar can be seen as the motion of the song. The same goes for the lead vocals. Lead guitar however is interesting to output them both left and right. This gives a very interesting effect.


An interesting movie to watch for students of our music school on the subject of drumming and making drum samples is the new movie Whiplash. Whiplash is a movie about a talented jazz drummer that studies at the best conservatorium of New York. However he doesn’t have a lot of friends. He is really focused on his drumming and wants to be one of the best jazz drummers of all time. He gets the chance to get lessons by the best teacher in the school. However he quickly realizes that the teacher is emotionally abusing. The teacher pushes him until he is crying. This only makes him want to become a better jazz drummer. He becomes completely obsessed with being the best drummer he can be. He breaks up with the girl he was dating.


Sherborne Town

Situated on the Dorset and Somerset border is the Saxon town of Sherborne, a mellow-stoned living pageant of history with a superb Abbey Church,  two castles and wealth of mediaeval buildings.


Discover  Sherborne is a town trail which takes visitors around the main sites, including the Sherborne Museum which presents the town’s history as far back as Roman times.  For those wishing to venture a little further afield Sherborne Old Castle and Sherborne New Castle are both  within  easy  walking  distance.   The  Old  Castle  was  built  in  the early 12th Century and acquired by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1592. Because he was unable to convert it into a comfortable home, he built Sherborne Lodge, now the New Castle.  The Old Castle was twice besieged in the 17th Century during the Civil War when the buildings were badly damaged.  The remains are very impressive and a model of the original castle can be seen in the Sherborne Museum.  The Digby family became the owners of the New Castle in 1617 and it has remained in this family ever since.  The castle grounds and lake were designed by ‘Capability Brown’.

Sherborne School Location

Sherborne School is in the centre of the town of Sherborne.  With its roots dating back to the 8th Century the School was re-founded in 1550 by King Edward VI.  The original buildings have  been  sympathetically  restored  and  refurbished  and  provide  a  charming  and  peaceful ambience that is ideal for music-making.

 Accommodation houses are within  the precincts of the main school courtyard  or in nearby locations.  The main street of Sherborne, Cheap Street, flanks the east side of the courtyard, and tempts visitors to the small ale houses, antique shops and tea rooms.

 On the south side of the School the magnificent and very beautiful Abbey stands majestically over the surrounding buildings.  The chief glory is its roof, the earliest great stone fan vault in existence. It also boasts the heaviest ring of eight bells in the world!

 For periods of relaxation,  Sherborne School has a modern, comfortable bar, coffee shop (‘The Pod’), dining hall and a superbly equipped Sports Centre. There is a theatre, a recital room, chapel, a large concert hall, atmospheric rehearsal rooms, a ‘state of the art’ new Music School, as well as the Abbey and Cheap Street Church. All in all, a campus full of musical potential with a backdrop of a delightful country market town bursting with charm and character.